The Impact of Interactive Video Ads Across Tablets, Desktop and Mobile

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Oct 12, 2017 
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Tremor Video DSP, a Taptica company, recently partnered with MAGNA and IPG Media Lab on a scientific media trial examining the impact of interactive video ads across tablets, desktop and mobile. Brands who participated in the trial included Amazon, Arby’s, FCA and MillerCoors.  

Their report, “The Interactive Effect: A Key to Surviving the Attention Economy in a Mobile-First World,” aims to reveal both qualitative and quantitative insights to help marketers better leverage interactive video within their digital strategy.

In partnership with major global brands like Amazon, Arby’s, FCA, and MillerCoors, the trial focused on measuring and analyzing the effects of six ad types across four core industry verticals.

According to Ariane Gut, VP, Head of Insights & Analytics of Tremor Video DSP, a Taptica company (pictured top left), these findings are inherently unique in that, “Such attention metrics are normally reserved for the viewing of television advertisements, and contradict the prevailing conventional wisdom that shorter is better for capturing consumers’ attention.”

The Findings:

The new report concludes that interactive video ads drive a 47% lift in the amount of time consumers spend with a brand, as compared to non-interactive iterations.

Furthermore, regardless of whether consumers interact or not, the potential to do so makes them 32% more memorable than non-interactive ads. But, when they do engage, brands stand to triple their time spent with consumers (based on 15-second interactive format).

And, perhaps most notable, is that these figures remain consistent across gender and age demographics, along with industry verticals.

“The results of this media trial truly showcased the potential and versatility of interactive video ads across platforms, and especially on mobile,” said Kara Manatt, SVP, Intelligence Solutions Strategy at MAGNA. “It’s clear that the ability to interact with an ad will drive higher levels of consumer engagement and purchase intent, but just as important, this offering enables brands to spend more time with consumers. And we all know how difficult that is to do these is these days.”

This research also has strong positive implications in other realms of campaign financial and performance metrics, including:

Interactive ads are more cost efficient, with investments going 52% further when accounting for their impact on persuasion.

Entertainment-focused interactions, like games, extend consumer time spent by 15% as compared to standard product features.


A 15-second interactive ad turns into 45 seconds’ worth of consumer time when they engage.

Purchase Intent:
Interactive video ads drive 9X higher impact on purchase intent.


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