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Forensiq Next-Gen Fraud Detection Throws Flag on Sports Bot Biz

Written on
October 23rd 2017 | Adotas

Ad Fraud Prevention Innovator Exposes Sports Bot Using Latest Machine Learning Techniques. Forensiq, an ad fraud detection and prevention company, announced the release of its next generation of botnet detection algorithms, focused on exposing and preventing the latest methodologies to generate sophisticated invalid traffic and steal advertiser dollars. Forensiq’s second generation algorithms ... more...

PushSpring Teams Up with Pinsight to Expand Audience Targeting Data

Written on
October 20th 2017 | Adotas

New Data Offering Includes Carrier-Level Demo, Interest & Intent Data. PushSpring, an independent app-based mobile audience platform, announced a new data offering from Pinsight Media, a first-party mobile data and insights provider and wholly-owned subsidiary of Sprint. Marketers will now be able to leverage Pinsight’s carrier-level demographic, interest and intent data ... more...

How Travel Marketing & Technology are Growing Together

Written on
October 19th 2017 | Peter Koeppel

Since the beginning of modern science fiction, Western culture has been obsessed with the idea of creating a machine that could behave, and even think, like a human without actually being one. From Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics” to Arthur C. Clarke’s HAL 9000, we imagined a need for ... more...

Industry Panel Highlights Growing Role of Native & Programmatic Advertising to Aid Targeting & Brand Safety

Written on
October 18th 2017 | Adotas

Ecosystem representatives see advanced data analysis tools, more in-feed inventory as keys to engagement and scale at affordable prices. Advertising industry representatives are increasingly emphasizing native advertising and programmatic buying as pathways to more relevant, engaging and impactful campaigns, according to a series of insider interviews conducted by digital solutions provider ... more...

Digital Twins & IoT Are the Real Enablers of Smart Products & Smart Services

Written on
October 17th 2017 | Christina Patsioura

A Digital Twin stands for a virtual copy of a physical asset, a digital copy of either a product or a machine. They are deployed in order to configure digitally the asset’s qualities. For a product, this might include properties such as shape, colour, design and other physical attributes; for ... more...

The Big Picture: Online Retail Holiday Traffic

Written on
October 16th 2017 | Adotas

Hitwise has produced Hourly Peak Week Trends: What to Look Out For on Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017. You can download the whole report here. A Quick Look To start, let’s take a look at total traffic to the Hitwise Retail 500 over the last few holiday seasons. Retailers received 11.7 ... more...

Immersive Web Trailblazer, Vizor, Announces Official Launch of New WebVR Editor, Vizor 360

Written on
October 13th 2017 | Adotas

Off the heels of Oculus Connect 4, Vizor, a WebVR software company, announced the official launch of its editor, Vizor 360. Previously operating in private beta, the editor is now available publicly, allowing users to effortlessly produce interactive and immersive tours, stories and experiences by simply dragging and dropping media ... more...

An Adotas Special Feature–Branding A Disease Nobody Has Ever Heard of: Can You Help?

Written on
October 12th 2017 | Adotas

A call for support and advice, from George H. Simpson. When my daughter Anna (pictured left) was 9 years old she had surgery to lengthen the Achilles tendons on both legs. The only part of the operation she liked was that she got to pick pink for the color of ... more...

The Impact of Interactive Video Ads Across Tablets, Desktop and Mobile

Written on
October 12th 2017 | Adotas

Tremor Video DSP, a Taptica company, recently partnered with MAGNA and IPG Media Lab on a scientific media trial examining the impact of interactive video ads across tablets, desktop and mobile. Brands who participated in the trial included Amazon, Arby’s, FCA and MillerCoors.   Their report, “The Interactive Effect: A Key to ... more...

61% of App Developers Say ‘Freemium’ Model is Best Option to Monetize a Mobile App

Written on
October 11th 2017 | Adotas

The recommendation comes from a new survey of 102 app developers. The survey, plus interviews with experts from 7 app development firms, is the source for a complete business guide to building a mobile app, from concept to monetization. More than 60% of app developers recommend a “freemium” model for monetizing ... more...

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