The Adotas Internet Advertising Spotlight Section focuses on the leading people and companies of the Internet advertising marketplace. Internet advertising spotlight is an in-depth interview to get behind the blah blah and learn what really makes people and companies tick. Adotas is proud to provide monthly spotlight coverage of Internet advertising people and companies so you can remain informed and competitive.

Streaming: A Paradigm Shift

Written on
August 8th 2017 | Melinda McLaughlin

Q: It was recently reported that Netflix subscriptions have surpassed cable subscriptions. What does this mean for advertisers? How should they adjust their approach to TV and video advertising in the wake of changing consumption habits? A: In many ways, changing consumption habits has been a boon for advertisers. With ... more...

They’re Here! SMS, Chatbots & a Halo of AI

Written on
March 23rd 2017 | Oisin Lunny

Marketing is one of the most fluid disciplines out there—why? Because it ebbs and flows along with customer preferences and current technology trends, both of which are constantly changing. Key traits of a good marketer include adaptability and flexibility, for this very reason. As we kick off the New Year ... more...

Watch Out! Digital Marketing Trends You Didn’t See Coming

Written on
December 23rd 2015 | Michael Kahn

Michael Kahn, Chief Executive Officer, Performics Worldwide, looks at VR, wearables and robots, oh my! Adotas: What do you predict for virtual reality products and how can they be used by marketers to increase engagement and revenue? Kahn: Virtual reality will move past use solely as a marketing tool and drive demand ... more...

Targeted TV in a Digital World, Part 2: Bringing Targeted TV Data to Supply Chain Management

Written on
October 15th 2015 | Shelley Stansfield

Targeted TV in A Digital World: Part 2–When Targeted TV data informs Supply Chain Management, retailers can make sure the right products reach the right audience. Consumer research tells you a potential customer’s buying habits, economic status, even favorite news topics, and now those data points can be crossed with granular ... more...

“Mobile Device Hijacking”–A New Ad Fraud Tactic: Forensiq Reports

Written on
July 23rd 2015 | Adotas

FORENSIQ PROJECTS IN-APP AD FRAUD WILL SURPASS $1 BILLION IN 2015 Forensiq, an ad fraud detection and prevention company, today, announced the findings of their recent study, uncovering a new type of ad fraud called “mobile device hijacking” which affects more than 12 million devices and 13% of global in-app pre-bid ... more...

Propel Media Launches with Profitable First Quarter Earnings

Written on
May 20th 2015 | Adotas

Propel Media, Inc., formed by the January merger of Kitara Media Corp. and Future Ads LLC, announced that it achieved revenue of $21.5 million and adjusted EBITDA of $5.2 million in its first quarter as a combined public company bringing together online video, display and mobile advertising technology solutions for ... more...

High-End Video Production Doesn’t Mean Bigger or Better ROI

Written on
May 7th 2015 | Dror Ginzberg

It’s commonly assumed that creating effective video campaigns means spending big money. But what if I told you that you could spend a fraction of your budget while providing enormous value to your marketing campaign, customers, and end goal? Thanks to the constant evolution of technology and a grown-up consumer ... more...

Crossing the Channel Part 1: Digital Display Legos

Written on
January 27th 2015 | Katrin Ribant

A new series by Datorama Cofounder and Chief Solutions Officer Katrin Ribant As industry professionals, we are suffering from a silo-syndrome epidemic, and the symptoms run deep. Before we get any further, I’m just going to say it: The days of siloed data are over. If you want to keep your marketing ... more...

SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards Announce Nominees

The South by Southwest Interactive Festival today announced the finalists for the 18th annual SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards, taking place the evening of March 17, 2015, on the sixth floor of the Hilton Austin Downtown. Previously called the SXSW Interactive Awards, the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards embraces ... more...

Predictive Personalization: How Far is too Far?

Written on
October 20th 2014 | Anusha Anand

Predictive personalization, also referred to as digital hospitality, is one of the rare marketing practices that offers nearly equal benefits to both the consumer and the brand – if it’s done right. But, marketers need to be careful they don’t take this valuable tactic too far and cross the line ... more...

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